This blog is my archive for reviews previously published elsewhere at diverse locations such as Hellnotes, LibraryThing, and of course Amazon.

I write nonfiction books on horror – 4 studies of locations in New England and Florida used in horror stories and films, a 50 year retrospect on the original film version of The Fly, and research of HP Lovecraft. My most recent titles are Horror Guide to Massachusetts and H. P. Lovecraft in the Merrimack Valley.

I’ve been a researcher at America’s Stonehenge for over thirty years, specializing in historical topics. I’ve contributed historical research to the Gungywamp site in Groton, CT, and previously edited a genealogical research journal for the Pattee family. I have books out on Mystery Hill, Westford Knight and an overview of various claims of preColumbian sites in New England. I don’t commit to the authenticity of any site, preferring to present the history and research in away to let the readers judge the evidence themselves. Of course that doesn’t mean  it isn’t obvious how I feel regard the authenticity of some of the sites.

Of course I also dabble in fiction, but I prefer researching nonfiction.

All my books currently in print can be seen here

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