Review: A Book of Horrors

A Book of Horrors
Stephen Jones, editor
St. Martin’s Griffin
Reviewed for LibraryThing

In his foreword, iconic anthologist Stephen Jones asks the question “whatever happened to horror?” He bemoans the current “horror-lite” world of sparkly vampires, brooding lycanthropes and sexy witches. He then vows this book is his attempt to reclaim the genre in the name of damnation, death, and assorted unhappy endings (I’m paraphrasing). And brother, he ain’t kidding!

These are fourteen stories of old fashioned, slow-building terror that harken back to the days when style and that gnawing sense of growing dread were more important than viscera or soap opera angst.

This is a book to be read leisurely, pausing in between stories to absorb and savor this rare bouquet of horror’s potential when its aimed at grown-ups instead of tweeners.

Any book that starts with stories by Stephen King story and Caitlin Kiernan and ends with Richard Christian Matheson with sidetrips with Ramsey Campbell and Michael Marshall Smith really doesn’t need a review – it needs a defibrillator.

Highly recommended.


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