Top Seven Easter Horror Movies

Chrononological – because stuff this bad ain’t worth trying to rank by quality.

Night of the Lepus (1972)
A rancher (Rory Calhoun) asks a college president Elgin Clark (DeForest Kelley) to combat the rabbit overpopulation caused by the death of the coyotes. Elgin brings in researchers Stuart Whitman Janet Leigh. The classic tale of giant carnivorous rabbits terrorizing a small Arizona town.

Critters 2 (1988)
A batch of unhatched critter eggs from the first movie are mistaken for Easter eggs by the Grover’s Bend locals and extraterrestrial eating machines are soon loose again. Look for a particularly nasty death of a guy in an Easter Bunny suit.

Resurrection (1999)
Christopher Lambert is a Chicago detective tracking down a serial killer who is hacking parts off his victims so he can to reconstruct the body of Christ for Easter.

Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter (2001)
Using only a bag of stakes and his divine kung fu, Jesus Christ battles a vampire plague preying on Ottawa’s lesbian community.

Peter Rottentail (2004)
The legendary Polonia Brothers bring us the story of a magician who is resurrected as a blood-thirsty, tux-wearing, giant white bunny with a grudge.

Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! (2006)
A psycho with an Easter Bunny mask kills off most of the cast in revenge the abuse of a special needs boy at the hands of a grifter and his sicko buddies.

Kottentail (2007)
Animal activists release a rabbit from a test lab, unaware the bunny has been genetically modified.  On the loose, the vicious little furball attacks farmer Hans Kottentail. Hans begins to mutate, growing fur, becoming a vegetarian and hopping instead of walking. He also inherits the rabbit’s blood rage, as the townsfolk soon learn.



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