Horror Films of the 1990s (review)

Horror Films of the 1990s is the third of John Kenneth Muir’s study of the horror film genre by decade. It is an indispensable reference book, filled with synopses, reviews and Muir’s own insights.

John Kenneth Muir like horror movies, and by the time you finish thumbing through Horror Films of the 1990s, you’ll have a pretty good idea where he stands any particular film released during the decade. Muir is not shy about pointing out the flop, but will explain the short comings of the film. Although I disagree with his rating on certain films, he does explain his rationale. (But seriously, Dr. Giggles rates higher than Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Yeesh!)

The only issue, and a minor one at best, is that a book with 664 pages of text does not need 20 pages of appendices noting trends in tropes, comparisons of  films to X-Files episodes, and similar fluff. If the book was 1/3 the size, I’d consider these filler for page count padding. In a tome of this size, they are merely superfluous, and after a 600+ pages of Muir’s data and occasional spoilers, they are unnecessary.

The book may be prohibitively expensive for the private collector (especially as book three in an ongoing series), but if there is a local library with a film studies collection, this should be part of that collection.


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